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Crime. Corruption. Nexus


Arjun Singh Rawat

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If you realized that the MLA you voted is a muscular, liquor-mafia, you must feel yourself accused. Had you knew earlier about him, what could your have been done. Nothing. He had to win, as he had muscles power, money-power and an organized party. One day you came to know that the public transport buses, in which you travelled, have been seized to ply because of quarrels between the states. Now you are to reach office changing two-three buses paying three times extra penny. And you see that in a bus three-four stalwart bus-operators jostled passengers hurling filthy language.While flipping through the newspapers, your eyes strike news about a village-pradhan, who constructed a canal in that place which was far from village and there was no water at all to irrigate. An accused, who plotted crores of rupees scam, wandering fearlessly. To suppress the plantation scam, forest official himself set fire on jungle. An honest officer was suspended because he didnt allow illegal activities in his area. In your city, lives of seven-eight innocents are crushing under the wheels of bus daily. And after few days hue and cry, the matter has been suppressed or settled. Few policemen removed the fruit-vegetable market of your locality waving their sticks. While you are on driving, one traffic sepoy waved you to stop for checking. Despite all completed papers, he demanded money in the name of slightly narrow number plate on your vehicle. The footpath, which was constructed hardly six months ago, dug out by labourers and new tiles are being fixed in place of it. Whereas in your colony service-road, streets are uneven, damaged badly and developed path-holes for the last five years, drains are blocked, sewer is stenching. Despite complaints, no one is hearing and repairing.These incidents make you fret, frustrate and restless, and you discuss others to vent your spleen out. There are scores of muggers in society whom you come across daily in your day-to-day life, challenging you and your democracy as well.

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